Creating business changing IT

We are Technical Creators and Explorers in the Public Cloud space. We provide Tech Managers and Engineers with the competence, ways of working and services needed to drive their business forward.


Our services will help you

Lead change and enable DevOps culture in your organization

We help you define and lead technical and organizational change, that creates great conditions and capabilities for you to move your business forward using public cloud technologies and modern ways of working.


Simplify the way you design and safely operate on the cloud

We empower your tech teams with Cloud Operations capabilities from designing and building new solutions to operate and improve what already exists. Our work is characterized by high levels of automation and best-practices, that leads to less operations work and more business focus

Cloud Operations

Accelerate your application modernization

Running your legacy applications smoothly on the public cloud and get the most out of it often requires redesigning and rebuilding them.
We are here for you all the way from assessment to redesign of legacy application to develop new natively on the public cloud.

Cloud Native Development

Continuously keep your cloud and data in great shape

We continuously monitor and manage security, usage, cost and help you adhere to best-practices, architecture and compliance through the use of our tools and services.

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Our Mission

Is to help tech people drive their business forward using innovative cloud technologies and we are committed to develop our services and knowledge to help our customers stay on the forefront in the fast-paced world of IT.

We are a team with experience and learnings from both the customer and supplier side of the industry, that spans from producing great code to developing professional managed services, build and develop organizations and technology in internet-based companies.

We are founded in 2018 and a part of the Playground Group

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